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Accepted Full Papers:

Title A Flexible Authorization Architecture for Systems of Interoperable Medical Devices
Authors Qais Tasali, Chandan Chowdhury and Eugene Vasserman
Title Uncoupling Biometrics from Templates for Secure and Privacy-Preserving Authentication
Authors Aysajan Abidin, Enrique Argones Rúa and Roel Peeters
Title FACT: Functionality-centric Access Control System for IoT Programming Frameworks
Authors Sanghak Lee, Jiwon Choi, Jihun Kim, Beumjin Cho, Sangho Lee, Hanjun Kim and Jong Kim
Title Attribute Expressions Policy Tables and Attribute-Based Access Control
Authors Jason Crampton and Conrad Williams
Title On the Satisfiability of Workflows with Release Points
Authors Jason Crampton, Gregory Gutin and Rémi Watrigant
Title An Enforcement Model for Preventing Inference Attacks in Social Computing Platforms
Authors Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad and Philip W. L. Fong
Title A Framework for the Cryptographic Enforcement of Information Flow Policies
Authors James Alderman, Jason Crampton and Naomi Farley
Title A Secure Sum Protocol and Its Application to Privacy-preserving Multi-party Analytics
Authors Shagufta Mehnaz, Gowtham Bellala and Elisa Bertino
Title Secure Pick Up Implicit Authentication When You Start Using the Smartphone
Authors Wei-Han Lee, Xiaochen Liu, Yilin Shen, Hongxia Jin and Ruby Lee
Title A Datalog framework for modeling Relationship-based Access Control Policies
Authors Edelmira Pasarella and Jorge Lobo
Title On Risk in Access Control Enforcement
Authors Giuseppe Petracca, Frank Capobianco, Christian Skalka and Trent Jaeger
Title Verifiable Assume-Guarantee Privacy Specifications for Actor Component Architectures
Authors Claiborne Johnson, Tom MacGahan, John Heaps, Kevin Baldor, Jeffery von Ronne and Jianwei Niu
Title Towards a Top-down Policy Engineering Framework for Attribute-based Access Control
Authors Masoud Narouei, Hamed Khanpour, Hassan Takabi, Rodney Nielsen and Natalie Parde
Title Towards PII-based Multiparty Access Control for Photo Sharing in Online Social Networks
Authors Nishant Vishwamitra, Yifang Li, Kevin Wang, Hongxin Hu, Kelly Caine and Gail-Joon Ahn


Accepted Short Papers:

Title Enabling Data Sharing in Contextual Environments: Policy Representation and Analysis
Authors Erisa Karafili and Emil C. Lupu
Title Mining Relationship-Based Access Control Policies
Authors Thang Bui, Scott Stoller and Jiajie Li
Title Security Analysis and Legal Compliance Checking for the Design of Privacy-friendly Information Systems
Authors Paolo Guarda, Silvio Ranise and Hari Siswantoro
Title A Distributed Multi-Authority Attribute Based Encryption Scheme for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records
Authors Harsha Sandaruwan Gardiyawasam Pussewalage and Vladimir Oleshchuk


Accepted Posters:

Title A Location-Privacy Approach for Continuous Queries
Authors Douglas Steiert, Dan Lin, Quincy Conduff, and Wei Jiang
Title Design of an Anomaly-based Threat Detection & Explication System
Authors Robert Luh, Sebastian Schrittwieser, Stefan Marschalek, Helge Janicke, and Edgar Weippl
Title Constrained Policy Mining in Attribute Based Access Control
Authors Mayank Gauta, Sadhana Jha, Shamik Sural, Jaideep Vaidya, and Vijayalakshmi Atluri
Title Access Control Model for the Hadoop Ecosystem
Authors Maanak Gupta, Farhan Patwa, and Ravi Sandhu
Title On the Safety and Efficiency of Virtual Firewall Elasticity Control
Authors Hongda Li, Juan Deng, Hongxin Hu, Kuang-Ching Wang, Gail-Joon Ahn, Ziming Zhao, and Wonkyu Han


Accepted Demos:

Title Authorization Enforcement Detection
Authors Ehood Porat , Shmuel Tikochinski, and Ariel Stulman
Title Multi-Layer Authorization Framework for a Representative Hadoop Ecosystem Deployment
Authors Maanak Gupta, Farhan Patwa, James Benson, and Ravi Sandhu
Title Provable Enforcement of HIPAA-Compliant Release of Medical Records Using History Aware Programming Language
Authors Thomas MacGahan Claiborne Johnson, Armando Rodriguez, Jeffery von Ronne, and Jianwei Niu
Title NTApps: A Network Traffic Analyzer of Android Applications
Authors Rodney Rodriguez, Shaikh Mostafa, and Xiaoyin Wang



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